What Is The SRC?

The Student Resource Center (SRC) is the place for artists to share. As a searchable database, the SRC allows experienced artists to submit their tips and techniques to guide the next beginning student along. The SRC also includes ideas such as how to flourish by getting your creativity unstuck, and nourish yourself to ...Read More

Closed Captioning On YouTube

If you have difficulty hearing or understanding our Beginner’s School instructors as they teach in the tutorial videos, fear not! YouTube has Closed Captioning available for videos. Non-English speakers see below. English Closed Captioning We have gone through and transcribed each of our videos ...Read More

Painting With Freedom

In this video, Scott Naismith talks about one of the most important things when you make the move from drawing to painting—line. Drawings are all about lines and paintings are all about light, so he’ll show you how to soften your edges to give ...Read More

Sculpting CTS

Sculpture Course Topic Summary Click on any link below to go directly to that topic. Lesson 1: Sculpture Essentials And Setting Up Your Studio Work Space Essential Materials And Tools Choosing Your Clay Other Essential Supplies Computer/Internet Access Space And Cleanup Time Setting Up Your ...Read More

Drawing CTS

Drawing Course Topic Summary Click on any link below to go directly to that topic. Lesson 1: Drawing Essentials Pencil Types And Uses How To Hold A Pencil Sharpeners Paper Erasers And Fixative Exercise 1: Make A Cave Drawing Exercise 2: Sketch Your Hand Or Nearby ...Read More

Acrylic Painting CTS

Acrylic Painting Course Topic Summary Click on any link below to go directly to that topic. If you have not selected your paint, begin with Lesson 1. Otherwise, begin with Lesson 2. Lesson 1: Choosing Your Paint Making Your Decision How To Use The ...Read More


Key Developers Ashleigh Norman, MFA SFAI The ‘right brain’ developer and lead writer of lessons. Phil Shemanski, CPA MS (Tax) The ‘left brain’ developer and Renewing the Renaissance founder. Video Artists Drawing: Sarah Ammons Watercolor: Christine Oliver Oil: Cynda Valle Sculpture: Kent Kidwell Contributing ...Read More
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