Sculpting Tips

Top Ten Beginner Mistakes

Even if you’ve been drawing/painting/sculpting your whole life, at some point, we were ALL beginners. We’ve all been frustrated with the creative process and sometimes it’s unclear why or what’s happening that’s causing the frustration. Here’s a list of what we think are the ...Read More

One-Part Silicone Mold Making

  Before we begin this lesson, make sure that you always read the Safety Data Sheets that come with your materials for important safety precautions. Not all silicones or polyurethanes are the same. Be sure to read the Technical Data Sheet for mixing ratio, ...Read More

Basic Two-Part Silicone Mold Making

Now that you have finished your bust, you can move on to making a mold of it. Molds are not essential for every type of sculpture. For instance, if you created a sculpture out of water-based clay and fired it in a kiln, it ...Read More

Considerations: Renting a Studio Space

While this may not be practical for everyone, professional painters and sculptors usually rent a studio if adequate space is not available where they live. You can find studio spaces for rent by looking in the classifieds section of your newspaper or on Craigslist. ...Read More

Kilns: Overview And Use With Ceramic Clay

If you’re working with ceramic clay, you’ll need to have access to a kiln in order to finish your work. Kiln Overview A kiln is essentially a very high temperature “oven” of sorts that can reach temperatures over 2,000* F. Different types of clay ...Read More
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