General Tips

Top Ten Beginner Mistakes

Even if you’ve been drawing/painting/sculpting your whole life, at some point, we were ALL beginners. We’ve all been frustrated with the creative process and sometimes it’s unclear why or what’s happening that’s causing the frustration. Here’s a list of what we think are the ...Read More

Tips: Loose Canvas

While your acrylic gesso or oil ground should tighten up your canvas, various factors such as humidity can cause your canvas to loosen a bit. If you’re experiencing this, you may want to try some of these tips. Spray the backside with water. Using ...Read More

Tips For Painting On A Budget

Art supplies can be expensive. Let’s talk about some creative ways of to reduce your painting costs. Torrit Grey Every Spring, Gamblin Artists Colors cleans out their air filters and recycles the pigments into a paint they call “Torrit Grey”. Gamblin sends out tubes ...Read More

Building Your Own Canvas

It’s so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas… –Paul Cezanne It’s perfectly fine to buy canvases at an art store, but if you want a large canvas, they can be quite expensive to purchase. You can save ...Read More

Brush Shapes

This great guide to brushes is from Dick Blick. Click here for a printable PDF.   Brush Hair The material used to form the tuft of a brush that picks up and spreads the paint is the most important part of the brush, and ...Read More

The History Of Color

Really smart and fun introduction to color theory and the history behind it by Richard Robinson Studio. The introduction is about three minutes long, so if you want, skip ahead to minute three to get started with his lesson.   ...Read More

Composition And Permanence Tables

Read Original Source: Composition & Permanence Tables   Composition and Permanence tables provide all the essential information on the composition, characteristics and permanence of our colour ranges. This technical information is extremely important for any artist who is committed to producing paintings of the highest ...Read More
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