Acrylic Tips

Top Ten Beginner Mistakes

Even if you’ve been drawing/painting/sculpting your whole life, at some point, we were ALL beginners. We’ve all been frustrated with the creative process and sometimes it’s unclear why or what’s happening that’s causing the frustration. Here’s a list of what we think are the ...Read More

How To Stretch And Prime A Canvas

Before you start painting, you need a surface. Buying them can get expensive after a while, particularly if you want gallery-wrap or extra large canvases. This video by Scott Naismith shows you how to stretch and prime your own canvas–an invaluable skill for serious ...Read More

Daily Painting Warm-Up Demo With Robert Burridge

This article originally appeared on ArtistsNetwork: Robert Burridge demonstrates how to practice shapes, lighting, and color by doing a basic still-life warm-up before a painting session.  Read the rest of the feature article “On the Move!” by Christine McHugh in The Artist’s Magazine (June 2013). ...Read More
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