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Oil Priming Your Canvas

Oil priming is a much more traditional way of prepping your surface for oil painting. Some people swear by oil priming—others say they don’t notice much of a difference. Although it provides a nice, slick surface, traditional Rabbit Skin Glue (RSG) will cause paint ...Read More

Studios Of Famous Artists

Frida Kahlo and her husband, Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, had two homes on two plots of land next to each other. Each of them had their own personal living and studio spaces and the two homes were joined by a bridge between them. Norman ...Read More

Considerations: Renting a Studio Space

While this may not be practical for everyone, professional painters and sculptors usually rent a studio if adequate space is not available where they live. You can find studio spaces for rent by looking in the classifieds section of your newspaper or on Craigslist. ...Read More

Kilns: Overview And Use With Ceramic Clay

If you’re working with ceramic clay, you’ll need to have access to a kiln in order to finish your work. Kiln Overview A kiln is essentially a very high temperature “oven” of sorts that can reach temperatures over 2,000* F. Different types of clay ...Read More

Recommendation Lists

Acrylic: Acrylic Recommendation List Drawing: Drawing Recommendation List Sculpture: Sculpture Recommendation List Mold Making: Coming soon! Traditional Oil: Traditional Oils Recommendation List Watercolor: Watercolor Recommendation List Water Miscible Oil: WMO Recommendation List For information on how to translate these documents into another language, click here.   ...Read More

Building Your Own Canvas

It’s so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas… –Paul Cezanne It’s perfectly fine to buy canvases at an art store, but if you want a large canvas, they can be quite expensive to purchase. You can save ...Read More

Eight Painters On Painting

This is a fabulous read for anyone who is a painter or interested in why painters paint. Original post from Frieze magazine: 8 Painters on Painting ROUNDTABLE At a time of revolution in digital technologies, when making extraordinary images has never been technically easier, ...Read More

Gamblin Oil Painting Medium Guide

Contemporary Painting Mediums GALKYD Galkyd thins oil colors and increases transparency and gloss. When used in greater proportions with oil color, Galkyd will level brushstrokes, creating an enamel-like surface. Galkyd is our fastest-drying painting medium. Thin layers will be touch-dry in approximately 24 hours. ...Read More
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