Student Testimonials

“thank u for giving us an excellent opportunity to learn” –MisterHeim (Sculpting The Nose) “Out of ALL of the things I’ve tried, this website it the ONLY thing that ACTUALLY helps me with learning to draw. Most of the other things aren’t in as ...Read More


Renewing the Renaissance™ (RTR)’s Beginner’s School was created to allow an individual anywhere in the world to learn online the basics of drawing, painting, and sculpting—for free, no registration required. The internet is filled with numerous painting and drawing videos that assume an introductory understanding of ...Read More

Choosing Your First Course

The first question many of you will have is, “which course should I start with?” Our students could live anywhere in the world—a high-rise apartment in Beijing, a small village in eastern Turkey, or a home in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights. We really want ...Read More

Choosing Your Paint

So you’ve decided to learn to paint but don’t even know where to begin! Art stores can be intimidating if you’re a beginner—do I start painting with oil? Acrylic? How many colors should I buy? We’re going to help you with all that. You’ll first ...Read More

Learning To Trust Your Eyes

Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees. –Rumi The most difficult part of learning how to draw is trusting your eyes. When most people start to draw, they let their brains trick them ...Read More
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