Facial Proportions And Sculpting A Face

Before we get started sculpting an entire face, let’s talk about how it is put together. You’ve probably drawn a face before and tried to get each of the features right, but when you’re finished, something looks a little off. This is probably because ...Read More

Sculpting The Mouth

Congratulations—you’ve made it through three out of four major facial features! Now it’s time for the last feature before we move on to putting the whole head together. Of course, we’ll include a brief anatomy lesson to help you get started… Here are the ...Read More

Sculpting The Ear

In this lesson, we’ll be focusing our attention on the ear. Ears are so strange and much more complex than we give them credit for! In order to sculpt realistic looking ears, we’ll discuss their anatomy a bit with you. Here are the topics ...Read More

Sculpting The Eyes

In this lesson, we’re moving on to our second facial feature—the eye. Eyes are one of the most fun—and most challenging—parts of the human body to draw and sculpt. Here are the topics we’ll be discussing: Exercise 1: Watch The 22-Minute Video Anatomy Of ...Read More

Sculpting The Nose

Here are the topics we’ll be discussing: Exercise 1: Watch The Entire 20-Minute Video Anatomy of the Nose Video Commentary Exercise 2: Sculpting The Nose! By the end of the sculpture course, you will be able to sculpt an entire face. In order to ...Read More

Art History: A Brief History Of Sculpture

This lesson is going to be a very brief introduction to the history of sculpture. There are thousands of years of amazing art historical examples of sculpture. In this lesson, we’ll only be able to give you a brief overview. Think of this as ...Read More
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