One-Part Silicone Mold Making

  Before we begin this lesson, make sure that you always read the Safety Data Sheets that come with your materials for important safety precautions. Not all silicones or polyurethanes are the same. Be sure to read the Technical Data Sheet for mixing ratio, ...Read More

Basic Two-Part Silicone Mold Making

Now that you have finished your bust, you can move on to making a mold of it. Molds are not essential for every type of sculpture. For instance, if you created a sculpture out of water-based clay and fired it in a kiln, it ...Read More

Facial Proportions And Sculpting A Face

Before we get started sculpting an entire face, let’s talk about how it is put together. You’ve probably drawn a face before and tried to get each of the features right, but when you’re finished, something looks a little off. This is probably because ...Read More
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