Acrylic Surfaces

Of course, before you can start painting, you need something to paint on! We’ll be going over the various types of surfaces you can paint on with acrylic paints. Here are the topics we’ll be discussing: Canvas Panel Which Is Better: Canvas Or Panel? ...Read More

Acrylic Painting Exercise Three

Exercise Three: Still Life Cherry with Will Kemp Four-part series, each video less than 10 minutes This is a great video series that shows you how to paint a cherry. He suggests using Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Titanium White, Cadmium Red Light, Cadmium Red ...Read More

Where To Go Next

Where to go next? If you want to keep working on your acrylic painting skills, check out the Student Resource Center. We have lots of tips, tricks, and tutorials there to keep you in practice! Submit your work and it may end up on our ...Read More
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