When working on a painting, it’s important to switch up your brushes and not use the same brush for the whole thing. I know, you get your favorite brush and everything else is not as much fun to use, but by changing up your ...Read More

Ready To Start Painting: Acrylics

You’ve been through all our lessons and are ready to start painting in acrylics! Learning is doing and you’ll improve your skill the more you work on it. We strongly suggest you follow the lesson plan that follows before striking out on your own. We ...Read More

Acrylic Painting Exercise Three: Cherry

Still Life Cherry with Will Kemp Here are the topics we’ll be discussing: Introduction Part One: Prep And Shadows Part Two A: Adding In The Background Part Two B: Introducing Red Part Three: Adding Form Part Four: Finishing Touches   Remember, take your time painting, ...Read More

Color Illusions And Themes

Knowing more about color will help you lay out a palette at the beginning of your painting session. Each scheme has a different “mood” attached to it and can make your colors more harmonious throughout the work. We talked about this a little bit ...Read More

Acrylic Painting Exercise One: Milk Jug

Still Life with Limited Palette by Will Kemp The topics we will be covering in this lesson: Introduction Part One: Prep, Sketch, And Initial Painting Part Two: Continue Painting Part Three: Complete Your Painting We expect that each part of this lesson will take ...Read More

Acrylic Painting Exercise Two: Lemon

Still Life Lemon with Will Kemp Here are the topics we’ll be discussing: Introduction Part One: Laying A Ground Part Two: Begin Painting Part Three: Complete The Painting   We expect that each part of this lesson will take about one hour to complete, though ...Read More

Acrylic Palettes

A painter’s palette is used for laying out the paint you’ll be working with during your painting session. We’ll instruct you how to use a palette in this lesson. Here are the topics we’ll be discussing: What Is A Palette? Different Types Of Palettes ...Read More

Acrylic Paintbrushes

Brushes can be quite an investment, so making sure you take good care of them can save you a lot of money in the long run. That being said, brush prices differ dramatically based on the manufacturer, hair type, size, and handle quality. I’ve ...Read More

Acrylic Supplies And What Do I Need?

Buying new art supplies is the most fun—and most expensive—part. Don’t think that if you don’t have a lot to spend you can’t still learn to make art. You can! It’s just about being selective and making good choices. Everything you need to get started ...Read More

Painting En Plein Air With Acrylics

All pictures painted inside the studio will never be as good as the things done outdoors. –Paul Cezanne Now that you’ve finished three acrylic painting exercises, you may want to try painting en plein air. Here are the topics we’ll be discussing: Intro To ...Read More
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