When working on a painting, it’s important to switch up your brushes and not use the same brush for the whole thing. I know, you get your favorite brush and everything else is not as much fun to use, but by changing up your ...Read More

Oil Painting Exercise Two: Apple

For the second oil painting exercise, Cynda Valle will guide you through painting a still life of an apple. Here is the reference photo you will need: Right-click on the picture to save it, then print it (if you have access to a printer) ...Read More

Oil Painting Exercise Three: Landscape

For our third and last oil painting exercise, you’ll once again work with Beginner’s School instructor, Cynda Valle, to create a landscape! Here’s the reference photo you’ll need: To download this photo, right click and save to your computer. Print it if you have a ...Read More

Oil Painting Exercise One: Glass Heart

For your first oil painting exercise, you’ll follow along with Beginner’s School instructor Cynda Valle as you paint a still life of a glass heart!   Here’s a list of the tutorial videos in order: Part One: The Beginning Steps Part Two: Shadows And Highlights ...Read More

Ready To Start Painting: Oils

Congratulations! You’ve completed ten lessons in oil painting. Now you’re ready to start painting. Before you start the oil painting tutorials, we've gathered some important information for you to get set up and ready to paint, including a video on toning your canvas. Note that some ...Read More

Oil Painting Methods And Techniques

There is more than one way to paint with oils. In this lesson, I’ll go over some common methods and techniques for you to get familiar with your choices. This lesson is not meant to overwhelm you—don’t think that you need to know all ...Read More

Using Mediums With Oil Paints

You always hear about adding mediums to your oil paint, but what the heck does that mean? We’ll go through it in this lesson so you won’t be intimidated by that giant wall of mediums next time you go to the art store. Here ...Read More

Oil Paintbrushes

Brushes can be quite an investment, so making sure you take good care of the ones you have can save you a lot of money in the long run. That being said, brush prices differ dramatically based on the manufacturer, hair type, size, and handle ...Read More

Oil Surfaces

There are a variety of surfaces you can work on when painting with oils. Keep in mind that oil paint will eat through raw canvas, so while you can paint on raw (unprimed) canvas, it will eventually deteriorate and fall apart. We’ll discuss how ...Read More

Oil Palettes

A painter’s palette is used for laying out the paint you’ll be working with during your painting session. We’ll instruct you on how to use a palette in this lesson. Here are the topics we’ll be discussing: What Is A Palette? Different Types Of ...Read More
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