User Responsibilities

1. We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to the freedom of expression, but we will not tolerate any abusive or hateful speech. Remember what Thumper’s mom said…”if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” If you just can’t help yourself from being rude, we reserve the right to take down your post and ultimately ban you from the website.

2. Respect copyright. Only post articles and videos that you are authorized to use. This website adheres to the DMCA Copyright Protection laws (see our Terms of Service for more information) and will remove any materials that infringe on copyright. If you are caught infringing on copyright three times, your account will be deleted. If you think you’re the victim of copyright infringement, see our Terms of Service statement about that and other important matters.

3. NO SPAM! Nobody likes it, especially not us. If you’re a repeat offender, your right to use the website will be revoked.

4. If you have an article or video to contribute to the site either in terms of the Courses’ content or for sharing in the Student Resource Center (SRC), use our Contact Us form and check the second box. Due to a large volume of submissions, please be patient with our response team. We will get back to you as soon as we can! After a thorough screening process, we will accept those items with additive value and in the spirit of the Beginner’s School.

5. We love getting your feedback on what you think the site needs and how it could be better! Use our Contact Us form for that.

6. While nudity has been a large part of the artistic language for centuries, please keep it tasteful. Art, articles, videos, and photos of a sexually explicit or pornographic nature will be rejected. Same thing goes for controversy: yes, Balthus made a big name for himself with controversial imagery, but let’s try and keep things tamer here. We’re not saying it’s not art if it’s controversial, but this is a website intended for artists of all ages. Any art, articles, videos, or photos displaying violence, abuse, drug abuse, or under-age drinking will not be permitted, so don’t take up our time by submitting them.

We Enforce the Above Guidelines.

Beginner’s School staff will consider these guidelines in their review of submitted materials for inclusion on the site. Sometimes a submission doesn’t violate our User Responsibilities, but may not be appropriate for everyone.

Beginner’s School is for Everyone–Worldwide.

We started this site to nurture and aid artists of all ages, everywhere! Please be respectful of one another—everyone’s life path is different.
Above all, have fun! There’s a lot to see and explore here, and lots of artists throughout the ages have created great stuff—one of them in the future might be you! If something on this site is not right for you, click on something else—it may just give you the guidance and inspiration you need!

Let us know what you think using our Contact Us form or add a comment to a specific lesson by using “leave a comment” found at the bottom of each lesson. Feedback is an integral part of the art making experience and when done with respect, can be a great way to make friends, share stories and tips, and make your experience on the Beginner’s School richer. Leave comments, share links to your own videos or submit articles on techniques that you feel are helpful, and connect with other students.

Thanks for reading this and taking your user responsibilities to heart! Now go create!

–The Beginner’s School Team
December, 2015