Student Testimonials

“thank u for giving us an excellent opportunity to learn”

–MisterHeim (Sculpting The Nose)

“Out of ALL of the things I’ve tried, this website it the ONLY thing that ACTUALLY helps me with learning to draw.
Most of the other things aren’t in as detailed and descriptive. I have found that the images and videos on these lessons are also a big help to me. I feel that I am truly becoming a better artist. Thank You! “

–Faith (Forms Into Objects)

“Wonderful program, thanks so much. It’s already helped my sculpturing so much.
Thanks again”

–Robert (Welcome)

“I find that your videos are easy for me to understand as a beginner, so thank you :3”

–Shawn (Sculpting The Mouth)

“Thank you for being so clear and concise I really enjoy your videos,

you sure make it look easy.”

–Darrell Taylor (Building An Armature And Sculpting A Head In The Round)

“Thank!!! gracias mil, veo todo sus videos y me sirven muchisimo, no se como agradecer tanta generosidad.”

–Marisa Nuñez (Sculpting The Ear)


“Thank you so very much for sharing! This was very helpful!”

–Bridgette S. (Sculpting The Ear)


“best tutorial thank you so much for the video”


“Brilliant thank you”

–Ange Hockenhull (Sculpting The Face, Part Two)


“This is SO helpful! Thank you. I was having a hard time with my ears and I realize now they didn’t have enough depth to them… much too flat. I really like your tutorial style. Subscribed!”

–MsGrimly (Sculpting The Ear)


“Thank you for the armature advice, I am going to get into sculpting and had no clue how to build the armature.”


“Thanks alot it’s so helpful,”

–3dArtStudent (Sculpting The Mouth)


“Thanks for uploading and sharing your expertise. The video provides valuable information on facial anatomy and measurements for those starting out in clay modeling”


“Great videos. You give the best step by step instruction, and as a bonus, include the tricks of the trade! Thank you for sharing your talent and tips. Link”

–Link S. Cowen (Sculpting The Face, Part One)


“Thanks!!! this is very helpful- a great video… glad I found you!”

–Karin Burfict (Sculpting The Face, Part One)


“what a brilliant resource you have created! thank you taking the time to make it”

–Geostationary0rbit (Sculpting The Mouth)


“I just wanted to say that this is probably the best video on sculpting using head proportions. I have seen at least 10 and this is the best. Thank you!”

–Randall Padilla (Sculpting The Face, Part One)


“Very nice demonstration. Lots of great painting tips. Thank you.”


“I really enjoyed both parts to this video! Very informative and lots of good tips for a beginner like myself. Thank you for taking the time to make this!”

“Thank you, this was very clear and helpful. Just what I was looking for!”

–Amy Wolf (Basic Color Theory)

“Very helpful. Thank you for making this available.”

–Laura (Basic Color Theory)


“This is the best video I’ve ever seen in my life. Thank you very much.”

–Jill Lynx (Sculpting The Face, Part One)

“I am beside myself with joy! I’ve been searching the web for instructions on how to sculpt, and your website appeared tonight! I look forward to learning from you. Thank you so much!”

–Susan Caughey (Sculpture Course)

“I just came on your site by pure chance, looking to have a better idea of human face proportions.
I have been drawing for years…. sometimes with success (which is when I like what I draw) and sometimes with great disappointment!
I have refused to get discouraged though and try not to force myself into drawing, painting or whatever else I am doing.
Anyway, I wanted to thank you for this site. It seems so full of infos, and I really wanted to start sculpture too. I am adversed to class settings in general, with scheduled times not always practical with my life, as well as an added financial problem to pay for the class as well as for the materials.
I prefer to keep all that money to buy the material I like! Anyway, thank you very much for this really nice site.”

–Marie-Claude (Choosing Your First Course)

“I’m 87 years old and am very excited to start painting”

–Ida Maldonado

We are so grateful that all our beginning students are loving our courses! 

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