Closed Captioning On YouTube

If you have difficulty hearing or understanding our Beginner’s School instructors as they teach in the tutorial videos, fear not! YouTube has Closed Captioning available for videos. Non-English speakers see below.

English Closed Captioning

We have gone through and transcribed each of our videos to make sure the English captions are correct so you don’t miss a single thing.

To use Closed Captioning on YouTube:


CC circled

When you begin watching the video, click on the “CC” on the lower right hand side of the video (circled above in red). This will turn on the Closed Captioning automatically. You will know the Closed Captioning is on when the CC button is underlined in red:

arrow to CC underline

To change the settings of the Closed Captioning, click on the gear logo (circled in red below):

gear circled

Clicking on the gear logo will bring up a settings box where you can change the captions.

click on gear

If you want the captions in English, you’re all set!

Non-English Closed Captions

If you want the captions in another language, click where it says, “English (auto-generated)” and it will bring you to this box:

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 12.27.30 PM

Click on “Auto-translate” to bring up the list of languages the video can be translated into:

CC 5

I have clicked on French just for this example.

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 12.32.47 PM

After I have chosen French as my language, the box automatically closes and now my subtitles are in French:

CC 6 French

Alternative Method:

If you prefer to have a full transcript available to read in your own language, you can follow this alternative method.
When you’re watching the video on YouTube, go to the three dots next to where the thumbs up and thumbs down symbols are and click those:
It will open a dialogue box that prompts you with several items. Click “Open transcript”:
That will open a transcript box to the right of the video. The default will take you to English (auto-generated) subtitles:
Click on the little downward facing arrow next to it and select “English” from the drop-down menu (this will bring up our edited closed captions–we recommend using these for greater accuracy):
If you want to remove the timestamps and leave only the words, then on the top right side, click on the three vertical dots and select “Toggle timestamps” to remove the time stamps and leave only the words:
Using your mouse, click inside the transcript box and highlight all the words there by dragging your mouse from the top to the bottom of the dialog box. You can then either use command + C or right click to copy the text.
Open a blank document in a word processor of your choice–Microsoft Word, Pages, or Google Docs (among others) and right-click or command+v to paste the text into a new document. Save the document, then go to Google Translate and select “translate a document”:
You will be taken to another page to upload the document you just made. Click on “Choose file” and choose the file you want to translate. Click on your preferred language then click the blue “translate” button.
Google will translate your document into your preferred language for you! You can keep it open in your browser window or print it by right-clicking and selecting “print” or save it by right-clicking and selecting “save as”.


Word of warning: Translations of the captions to other languages tend to be literal translations of the English words, but not necessarily how the English words would be expressed by a person speaking the other language. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any translation and therefore are not responsible for any inaccurate information that results from the application of translation tools. 


Note: If you would like to volunteer to help us by translating a Course into a selected language that you are fluent in, please contact us using our Contact Form. Indicate on the form the language you would like to translate the Course into, and your fluency with that language and English.


We would prefer any translators be reasonably fluent in English.


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