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Drawing Course Topic Summary

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Lesson 1: Drawing Essentials


Lesson 2: Learning To Trust Your Eyes

Optical Illusions: Space And Perspective

Exercise 1: Blind Contour


Lesson 3: Value And Gesture


How Value Creates Space

Gesture Drawing

Exercise 1: Make Your own Value Scale

Exercise 2: Value Study

Exercise 3: 30-Second Gesture Drawing

Exercise 4: Draw A Pet Or Other Animal

Exercise 5: Value Plus Gesture Drawing


Lesson 4: Thinking In Space

Shape Versus Form


Starting To Draw One Point Perspective

Exercise 1: Basic Perspective Drawing

Exercise 2: Drawing Cubes

Exercise 3: Treasure Hunt: Cylinder, Cone, Sphere, and Cube


Lesson 5: Value And Mass

Light And Mass

Vocabulary Terms

Drawing A Sphere

Adding Value

Exercise 1: Draw A Ball With A Single Light Source

Exercise 2: Turn Your Cubes And Rectangles Into Buildings


Lesson 6: Two Point Perspective

Perspective Art History Lesson

Two Point Perspective

Other Types Of Perspective

Exercise 1: Drawing A Box In Two Point Perspective

Exercise 2: More Two Point Perspective Drawing


Lesson 7: Cylinders And Cones

The Cylinder

The Cone

Exercise 1: Find And Draw Cylinders

Exercise 2: Find And Draw Cones


Lesson 8: Measuring Objects For Your Drawing

Determining Angles With Sighting

Determining Multiple Angles

Sighting Proportional Relationships

Measuring A Still Life

Practical Usage

Exercise 1: Draw A Box Using The Sighting Method

Exercise 2: Measure Proportional Relationships

Exercise 3: Sighting And Drawing A Still Life


Lesson 9: Forms Into Objects

Finding Forms In Objects


Exercise 1: Draw A Still Life

Exercise 2: Make A Cubist Work Of Art


Lesson 10: Composition For Beginners

The Rule Of Thirds


The Rule Of Odds

Exercise 1: Make A Viewfinder

Exercise 2: Practicing With Composition Setup

Bonus Exercise: Draw Your Selected Still Life


Lesson 11: Fabric And Drapery

Pipe fold

Zigzag fold

Spiral fold

Half-lock fold

Diaper fold

Drop fold

Inert fold

Exercise One: Treasure Hunt

Exercise Two: Create Folds

Exercise Three: Draw a Diaper Fold

Exercise Four: Mysterious Object


Lesson 12: Still Life Practice

A Brief History of the Still Life

Final Exercise: Still Life Drawing


Lesson 13: Art History: The History Of Drawing

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