Acrylic Painting CTS

Acrylic Painting Course Topic Summary

Click on any link below to go directly to that topic. If you have not selected your paint, begin with Lesson 1. Otherwise, begin with Lesson 2.

Lesson 1: Choosing Your Paint

Making Your Decision

How To Use The Decision Table

Decision Table Examples

Discussion Of The Seven Factors

Look Of Each Medium

Start Up Cost Of Paint And Supplies

Financial Support

Area To Paint In (“Studio”): Size And Serenity

Area To Store Paintings And Supplies

Set Up, Cleanup, And Painting Basics


Exercise 1: Importance of “Look”

Exercise 2: Importance of “Cost”

Exercise 3: Importance of “Financial Support”

Exercise 4: Importance of “Studio”

Exercise 5: Importance of “Storage”

Exercise 6: Importance of “Time”

Exercise 7: Importance of “Toxicity”

Exercise 8: Use Your Decision Table To Choose Your Paint





Lesson 9: Ready To Start Painting

Laying Out Your Palette

Applying A Ground

Cleaning Your Brush

Painting Tips

Knowing When To Stop

Let’s Get Painting!



Lesson 10: Exercise One: Milk Jug


Part One: Prep, Sketch, And Initial Painting

Part Two: Continue Painting

Part Three: Complete Your Painting



Lesson 11: Exercise Two: Lemon


Part One: Laying A Ground

Part Two: Begin Painting

Part Three: Complete The Painting



Lesson 12: Exercise Three: Cherry


Part One: Prep And Shadows

Part Two A: Adding In The Background

Part Two B: Introducing Red

Part Three: Adding Form

Part Four: Finishing Touches



Lesson 13: Painting En Plein Air With Acrylics

Intro To Plein Air

Supplies You’ll Need

Non-Painting Related Essentials

Where And How To Paint En Plein Air

Exercise 1: Gather Up Your Own Plein Air Pack

Exercise 2: Find An Artist Organization And Then Go Out And Paint!

Bonus Exercise: Make Your Own Pochade Box!

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