“Timestack” Photo Collages

Artist Matt Molloy is a photographer who captures time as it occurs. His photographs are essentially collages of hundreds of photographs he has taken of the same image over a period of time, allowing us to view an entire sunset in one single moment.
After BurnAfter Burn. Copyright Matt Molloy.

Braided SkyBraided Sky. Copyright Matt Molloy.

Cloud ChaosCloud Chaos. Copyright Matt Molloy.

Dream SceneDream Scene. Copyright Matt Molloy.

Intersections in the SkyIntersections in the Sky. Copyright Matt Molloy.

Land of the Giant LollipopsLand of the Giant Lollipops. Copyright Matt Molloy.

Smeared Sky SunsetSmeared Sky Sunset. Copyright Matt Molloy.


Molloy explained his technique to Digital Photo Mag, “To make them, I use a time-lapse sequence as my source […] Timestacks are really a distillation of a video into a single picture. The movements of clouds often look like brushstrokes and give the image a painterly feel. It gives you a different perspective of time and a unique sense of motion.”




See more of Molloy’s work on his website, http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/matt-molloy.html

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